Happy Halloween!

Consider this a bonus post. I just couldn’t let Halloween pass without any notice here on ourNWlife. When I was a child my parents used to spend weeks crafting extremely detailed costumes, which they would then debut at no-holds-barred Halloween parties that they hosted in my dad’s shop-turned Halloween wonderland–every wall covered with black plastic, the entrance a tunnel (through the dog kennel) crawling with glo-spiders, extravagant and themed costume contests.

Trevor and I have not yet reached that level of Halloween craziness. This year, we’re just excited to finally live in a neighborhood where we actually have a fair likelihood of seeing any trick-or-treaters. So we prepared for them in the best way we know how:

Yes, that’s right. We are giving out candy-wrapped toothbrushes. It’s all about balance. Have a little candy, brush those teeth. We’re just hoping that the kids in our neighborhood see these toothbrushes as a “treat” and don’t start strategizing on how to “trick”us.

They will have fair warning at least, Trevor’s pumpkin openly depicts a cheerful toothbrush-wielding tooth!

And for the this momentous occasion, I am planning on bringing out one of my most prized homemade costumes: the Tillamook baby loaf. High in protein, low in sugar, what could be a more oral-hygiene appropriate costume for the wife of a dentist? I still can’t believe this little gem didn’t win a prize at the dental school costume contest several years back.

Happy Halloween everyone!


One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Talia

    You guys are so fabulous! My dental hygienist mom loved the pictures. I had to share them with her. I wish I were able to go trick or treating at your house just so I could see people’s reactions.

    By the way, that is the most impressive homemade costume ever. I am so impressed with your details!


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