Hosting, holidays, and icy blue winds

As we enter our fifth month living in this strange new place I find myself giving pep talks (to myself) about how this town should, by now, be starting to feel like home. For Thanksgiving we hosted my parents, brother, husband’s parents, sister and brother in law, and two nieces at our little house (in a suburban development) on the prairie. It was rowdy! The experience very much opened my eyes to the tremendous amount of work that goes into hosting such family events and exponentially increased my appreciation for others’ gracious hosting over the years.

Flying on into the Christmas season, I found myself excited to deck our halls, festoon our house with classic lights, and bedazzle our first ever Christmas tree, but my excitement was tempered by a creeping sadness over the distance of family and friends during this season. I know that many people struggle with mixed emotions, or even downright down emotions, during the holidays, but this is the first year that I’ve personally experienced this yuletide melancholy. Thankfully, I survived those few weeks of holiday blues and as of last Thursday our seasonal schedule kicked off with a long weekend in Vegas with my in-laws!

While on the subject of adjusting to new things in new place, I would like to make space for a comment on our weather: it is cold. I realize that for many of you highs in the 20s and lows in the single digits is nothing out of the ordinary, but for me (and for the residents of this area, as I’m assured by those I consort with) our weather throughout the first several weeks of December was unseasonable, unwelcome, and intolerable! The low temperatures were made more wicked by a regular, and biting north wind. At this very moment the hinges on our garage door are screaming under the unrelenting pressure of those icy blue winds. (Bonus points to anyone who recognizes this lyric)

My husband and I braved this cold and wind (along with several hundred fellow townspeople) a few weeks ago to experience the annual lighted Christmas parade. I say that we were accompanied by several hundred others, not because there were so few people in attendance, but because the smart ones had all arrived downtown early enough to score front row window seats in restaurants along the parade route! Trevor and I were charmed by the festive semi trucks and tractors, but our favorite part was a pit stop along the street where a kind citizen had set up a sizable fire in a portable fire ring and was offering marshmallows and skewers to anyone who wished to warm themselves by his blaze while enjoying a roasted marshmallow. It’s obviously unnecessary for me to say that I partook most willingly.

Be sure to check back here after Christmas, as I have several DIY art projects (dot and otherwise) to share . These cannot be shared before Christmas for reasons obvious to anyone who practices home-made gift giving!


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